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Certification Result

Archery Bows Shop
  • Archery Bows Shop meets all WebGuardian accreditation standards and is authorized to display the WebGuardian Certified seal.

  • Archery Bows Shop was accredited by WebGuardian on 2009-02-25.

  • Archery Bows Shop has been approved for the following Web Guardian Categories:

Certified Quality Site
This seal certifies that your company follows the high standards that all of our approved websites are required to comply with. The visitor is assured of your company's honest and open practices that give importance to their interests.

Certified Secure
Your customers can rest easy, knowing that we have guaranteed the safety of all transactions placed through your website.

Secure Email
Visitors will be sure that they will only get the information they requested from your site as their email address will not be solicited to third-party companies. They can sign up for any newsletters without hesitation, courtesy of the option to cancel their subscription at any time.

Tested Date
Visitors will be assured that the site is free from any risk of Internet fraud or phihsing activities and has been tested right up to the specified date on the seal. You have the option to choose between the large or small seal.